Automotive Locksmith Washington DC

Our Payless Locksmith service offers a cheaper alternative, not compromising on quality. We will offer you the most professional experience that is not only expeditious, but also unique from the many other automotive locksmith Washington DC solutions. Our services are non destructive in nature and will go a long way in helping you save on the money that you would have otherwise spent if you had settled on your dealership.

At Payless locksmith, we offer two options of automotive locksmith Washington DC for individuals who have had their cars keys stolen or who have lost them. The first option is that we have to create a new key or set of keys to match the original that was lost. The second option is to have the car’s lock system rekeyed with new settings; this is because the stolen key may be used to get away with your car. These two options are way cheaper than the option of taking your vehicle to your dealership and having a complete set of locks fitted.